Prakash Banjara

Prakash Banjara

Due to the effect of global epidemic COVID-19 the cooperative sectors could not remain untouched. The livelihood of the shareholder member is costly pastime. Industry, trade factories have almost come to standstill. Tourism and transportation have been hit even harder. We want all our share members to be patience, take care of your health and not to weaken your self-confidence.

It is our responsibility to run the organization in accordance with the policies and procedures even in such a difficult situation. So, we are going to held the 26th Annual General Meeting. This year’s annual general meeting is not as big as last year’s meeting. We are going to Tol, Basti as per the instructions of our regulatory body to present the work done in the organization and collect information and suggestions for the work to be done in the coming days. I request all the share members to fully participate in the program and give their constructive suggestions to the organization.

Considering the negative impact of COVID-19 on our indebted members, we would like to inform that the organization has been providing compensation waiver, interest waiver, business reinsurance loan, loan installment adjustment and new loan products. COVID -19 has given us opportunities and challenges together. COVID-19 does not seem to have had much of an impact on the Agro- Livestock business as many professions and businesses are in shambles, so we now request our shareholders to engage professionally in agriculture and animal husbandry. I would also like to inform that the organization has made a plan to provide financial and technical assistance at concessional interest rates. Now we have to engage in production and introduce self-reliant programs. Accordingly, the organization has arranged livestock loan for our share members. This may be the first product of this campaign. By participating in this, I would like to call on the share members to strengthen their and family’s financial position.

Savings and Loan Cooperative Campaign is always charged – we did nothing but buy and sell money from the cooperatives, we could not explain, we could not endure. The Cooperatives Act 2074 has paved the way for the formation of specialized associations. Therefore, I would like to urge the general savings and credit cooperatives to take the lead in the work of cooperative movement by forming specialized associations at the local, state and central levels and creating production, processing and distribution oriented non-profit schemes. We must now take the lead in community-centered action. In this state of corona devastation, I see the need to run agribusiness-related industries in every municipality in the district, at the state level and at the central level with the joint investment of the government and cooperatives. There is no doubt that the general Nepali people will not only be self-reliant but also financially strong.

As the Cooperatives Act 2074 has taken the policy of one person to one cooperative and has set a deadline to select the cooperatives, we are confident that the goods and services provided by Samudayik SACCOS to its shareholders are member oriented. Competitive interest rates (like commercial banks), maximum share dividends, member-oriented work, national and international recognition , share members’ suggestions, access to local, state and federal governments to make community choices in cooperative selection. I’m convinced. We hope that the shareholders will be able to choose the organization, if the goods and services we have provided are not enough. I promise to provide more services based on the suggestions of the people here through this general meeting and I look forward to your suggestions.

I would like to give special thanks to Panauti Municipality for making the integration promotion programs public through its policy to end double membership. I make a special request to all the campaign friends to join hands in the integration of the organization. I freely commend the Panauti Municipality for its good governance with a view to formulating its own act, policies and procedures on the issue of organization operation, promotion and regulation. It is hoped that in coming days , every activity carried out in partnership between the cooperatives and the municipality will succeed in giving its best introduction in the country.

I would like to inform that our service will be operational from Kathmandu in the near future. We are together in every happiness of our share members. During this global epidemic requesting to work in accordance with the health standards, to increase self-confidence, to reduce the cost of the festival and to celebrate it without crowding and would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of Dashain ,Tihar and Chhat.

Be strong in the area where we are. Don’t take too much responsibility, fulfill your responsibilities faithfully and develop positive thinking.

Thank you.

Prakash Banjara