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    2080-5-29 to 2080-6-27
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    2080-5-20 to 2080-5-29
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Samudayik Saving and Credit Cooperative Society is one of the best credit union in Nepal. Its has been operating since January 28th 1995. It is working to uplift the socio economic living standard of members. A member is a shareholder of a credit union who is entitled to voice and vote in the decision-making process, regardless of the amounts of their credit union deposits and shares. Under the principle of democratic ownership, every member can participate in making policy and regulation o...
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Prakash Banjara (Chairman)

Prakash Banjara Due to the effect of global epidemic COVID-19 the cooperative sectors could not remain untouched. The livelihood of the shareholder member is costly pastime. Industry, trade factories have almost come to standstill. Tour... Read More

Madan Basnet (Chief Executive Officer)

Madan Basnet I am proud to put on some of my words as a representative of the management team of an organization. I commit to all the members on providing a qualitative product and service in a best value with the vision of being the... Read More

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